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Mike Clark

Montana Artist Mike Clark has been working as a Fine Artist and Graphic Artist since the late 80's. He has uniquely integrated these two distinct skill sets which gives his work a unique perspective and sophistication. His original style has earned him award and publication while working in California, Hawaii and Montana, and his subject matter consists of Still Life, Contemporary Narration and Plein Air Landscape, each having its own distinct approach and application. Working with 'Best Practices' his Still Life work uses traditional methods that emulate old masters paintings.

Mike Clark's paintings of Representational Realism and Still Life require acute observations and reproduction techniques that he has utilized over 25 years. He believes the challenge is to create a 'Real Life Space' on canvas with oil medium and application. Mike's work is successful when the viewer's Critical Eye and brain has been fooled when the observer sees an object where only paint and canvas exist - the magic has been made by tricking the brain.