Audrey Hall

Audrey Hall is known for her poignant landscapes and etherial equine images. Her first trip to the American West as a young girl made a life-long impression and she keeps one toe in Montana and another in Santa Fe, considering the West home and profoundly inspiring to her personal work.

Born in Brazil, Audrey grew up in a multi-cultural family deeply rooted in both arts and sciences. A Rotary scholar, she studied fine art photography under Thomas Joshua Cooper at the renowned Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. The diversity of her upbringing and education continue to influence her today in both her passions for technology and tradition.

Her exhibition prints are visually distinct and unique in creation - from rare, velvety platinum prints to idiosyncratic mixed-media canvases. She handles every aspect of the printing process, from concept to completion, insuring every piece is finished by hand and of highest collectible quality.